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Photo Story of Two BrothersTwo Brothers
a short photo story book
dedicated to the memory
of Herb's brother.

You will gain an intimate
 awareness of his life
and accomplishments. 

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American Cultural History

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A historical, romantically enhanced, adventure novel.

A compelling story centered around the three primary cultures of colonial Louisiana. Each from a different world, each bearing a different cross, each in the service of a different God. All seeking, in their own way, the things craved by men of all creeds – love, respect, peace of mind, and a small measure of prosperity, but finding instead, hardship, deceit, and sometimes... death.

The French: an ill-prepared, group of disillusioned settlers using their wits and sometimes treachery to gain a foothold on foreign soil.

The Natchez: the most socially advanced tribe on the North American Continent. A matrilineal, complex society of head hunting, sun worshipers who believe that their chief, the Great Sun, is a God.

The Slaves: Uprooted from their homeland and forced into servitude. Each dancing a different rhythm to the same music, the same drum.

Small Fires in The Sun is a wholly fictional, historical saga based strongly on actual events and, in part, on the lives of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis and others who lived during that time....



Lie Down Young Women,
Music Video Released

This song “Lie Down Young Woman (Viola Liuzzo’s Song)”
WWritten by Herb Metoyer and recorded on his album
“Something New” released by MGM’s Verve/folkway’s label in 1965


During March 25, 1965, after several previous attempts, the march from Selma to Montgomery commenced on a rainy day. Following the march, those with cars were left the task of ferrying marchers back to Selma. One of the persons ferrying marchers was Viola Liuzzo. On a return trip on a lonely dark road, a group of KKK Klansmen pulled along side Viola’s car and unloaded their weapons, killing Viola instantly, and almost killed her guide, Leroy Moton, a 19-year-old African American.

This song “Lie Down Young Woman (Viola Liuzzo’s Song)” was written by Herb Metoyer and recorded on his album “Something New” released by MGM’s Verve/folkway’s label.

Did you know that Viola is the only female to lose her life on behalf of the civil rights struggle???

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Brothers of A Feather


     For those of you who are not aware, I am a retired Vietnam Era Helicopter Pilot. This past Veterans Day (2011), me and my wife decided to visit Williamsburg. My initial intentions were to visit the Wall in Washington, DC, but decided it would be too strenuous due to health reasons. While there, I happened to encounter a host of Old Vietnam Helicopter Pilots. I can not begin to tell you how elated I was.

    Although I was skeptical about trying to march in the parade, these guys would not take no for an answer and invited me to join their ranks. I did and with their encouragement I made it to the end. I was among my brothers and it was their love that gave me the strength. Visit my Photo Gallery Page to see a few pictures of this gratifying encounter.


NOTICE: Herb Metoyer 2010 Recipient of the Asante Foundation Award in Folk Music


HERB METOYER Recipient  of  The 2010 Asante Award" presented by The Asante Foundation and NOLA.TV (New Orleans, LA) for Music.

The Asante Awards & Festival is dedicated to celebrating the contributions made by the African-American Culture in the areas of Music, Art, Movies, and the Spoken Word. Most important, the ordinary man or woman who through their service help to make our lives better.



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Master Storyteller Honoring The Spirit of New Orleans

Every Song, a Different View of Life.


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Herb Metoyer: This is The Time

  Herb Metoyer .:. "This Is The Time" New CD Release

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Herb & Wife, Geraldine Metoyer

See Videos Featuring THREE of Herb's Newest Songs

"Time For A Revolution" About our Economic Situation

"This Is The Time" Written in Honor President- Elect Barrack Obama

"Who Those Flowers For?" Dedicated to our Fallen Heroes.

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NEWS: Sad to report that this has been one confusing year for me.

     In September, we lost Mike Taylor, John Denver's Lead Guitarist. Mike was like a son to me and I was always a father figure to him. Prior to him joining with John Denver, he played lead guitar for me and we did shows up & down the East Coast. In 1967, after being told that my performing was unbecoming of a Field Grade Officer, I was shipped to Thailand. Mike later joined John Denver and went on to do great things. He was also a songwriter and one of his hit songs was "Rocky Mountain High."

We did not get to perform together again until 1998 at the Blue Bird Music Festival in North Carolina and each subsequent year. Sometimes, I would visit him and Mary Kay on Hilton Head and we would spend a week or so, playing music and exploring the Islands historical sights. Now, he is gone. Click Here to Read Mike's Obituary.

     A few weeks later, we lost another common friend, Al Cain.

     And worst of all, this year, after 13 years, October 2010 was the final gathering for the Blue Bird Music Festival. I guess we are all just getting old. I turned 75 this past September.

     Go to my photo Gallery to see a few pictures taken at this Festival.

By the way, my wife and I will be celebrating 55 years of marriage in January 2011.

God Has Been Good To Us. We Praise Him Daily.


Vince Martin stars in "Vagabondo"

This summer, I attended the première of Todd Kwait's documentary on the life and work of Vince martin. The title is

"VAGABONDO." It was a super production and I was surprised to learn that Vince had some hidden acting talents. The chronicle was good with footage of Vince's early TV appearances. And if you know Vince, he can be quite comical as a 'Storyteller" and "Living Life" type comments. See it the 1st chance you get. Here is the URL:  

Also Click Here to see a few of the Photos taken at the event.


Herb Metoyer accompanied by Danny Potter, Mayon Weeks, Bob, and someone else? at the BlueBird Folk Festival in North Carolina  (Photo by Thaddeus Watkins of New York)

2008 Literary Arts Festival, Detroit, MI

Angelo Metoyer (Guitar), Hermes Metoyer (Guitar), Herb Metoyer (Synthesizer & Guitar), Jerry Leduff (Congas) & Andy Perkins (Bass)

The Detroit Writer’s Guild Presents…

 Featuring:   Detroit Writers’ Guild Members:

Anthony Crittendon

Sharon Floyd

John Childs

Michael Jones

Diane M. Lockett

Evelyn Holmes

Geraldine Metoyer

Herb Metoyer

Joyce Hitchye

Shirley Slaughter

Viola Walker

Zola Masembuko

 With Guest Poets:

·        Naomi Long Madgett — Detroit Poet Laureate,

·         Melba Joyce Boyd — Professor, Wayne State University

·        M.L. Liebler — St. Claire Shores Poet Laureate, Professor, Wayne State University

Some of Detroit's most talented Poets with music composed by Herb Metoyer



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