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"Something New Revisited"    MGM's Verve Folkways Label (1966)

This album was originally recorded by MGM's Verve/Folkways in 1966.  I was a helicopter pilot with the US Army at the time. Not long after this album was released, I was promoted to Major. And... shortly after that, I was ordered to curtail my music career because such activities were not becoming of a Field Grade Officer. I had a family with five kids to support, so I let the music go until after I retired from the military. The album, of course, is no longer available except through several companies who specialize in out of print old albums.

    This CD is a remix with added musical accompaniments. The lady on the cover with me is my wife, Gerri.


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It’s a Long Ways Down That Road

I May Be Gone Tomorrow

Come and Sit Beside Me (For My Mother) You But The Reason
I Guess You’d Better Leave It Like That Five Questions
Her Man Black (Crazy Georgia) Lie Down Young Woman (Viola Liuzzo’s Song. Written in tribute to a young civil rights worker from Detroit, Mi who was killed in Alabama)
I recently ran across this review of the album on


by Richie Unterberger

Herb Metoyer's only album is good folk music that straddles the tail end of the folk revival and the very beginning of the singer/songwriter era. In that respect it's rather like the first records of his friend Fred Neil or Richie Havens, though Metoyer has more of a traditional folk feel and far more of a gospel-blues air. Indeed, he sounds like a male Odetta at times, and while he doesn't have the power of Odetta, his singing is stirring. He wrote all of the material on Something New, with some bass and light percussive noises adding a great deal of beat and oomph. There's a bit of a downcast yet strident, up-against-wall feel to the songs, which often boast somber melodies and a subdued, ominous aura. While this isn't folk-rock, it's worth investigating by fans of the time when folk music was gradually growing into a more contemporary context than the more hidebound structures of the early-'60s folk revival would allow.

Here is the LINK:

Written & Composed by Herbert Metoyer (BMI)    This CD was remixed by Cane River Media, Southfield, MI

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"Here I Am Again"   Cane River Media (2004)

Well…. Here I Am Again,

It has been almost forty years since I recorded my last album for Verve/Folkways. I waited a long time, hoping folk music would resurface again. Well… I’ve about run out of time and I feel as if I should make my move. The problem is… I have amassed a ton of music over the years and it would require over five CD’s to showcase what I have accumulated.

Although the acoustic guitar is my favorite instrument, I have augmented my arrangements with synthesized music. The subjects of my music, however, are still clearly representative of the Folk genre. I love to write about people, news, and situations I have encountered or bore witness to in my lifetime. “Ole July,” for example, is a song about a homeless street singer in New Orleans. And since I am a Creole, I also included a couple of Creole songs.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the selections I chose for this initial CD.

Thanks for your support, And Thanks to my sons, Herbert, III & Angelo who played backup guitar for me.

Herb Metoyer.

"Here I Am Again" Selections

1.     Ain’t Nothing Right

Pop love song.

2.     Ole July

Folksong about a homeless, New Orleans street dancer.

3.     Brave Men

Folksong concerning a soldiers battlefield lament. This song is dedicated to my brother, Captain Bryford G. Metoyer, a helicopter pilot killed in Vietnam.

4.     Black Gal

Adaptation of Ahuddie Ledbetter’s song “In The Pines” with new words, music & arrangement. I wrote this song to portray some of the trials & tribulations endured by Black men & women during the dark years of our history.

5.     Comme Sa Va

A fun “Creole Song.” No story here. Just a song to sing and clap your hands to.

6.     Two Lost Children of Cumberland County

Folksong about two children who were reported missing in 1967 in Cumberland county, North Carolina

7.     Alberta Easter

Folksong about a woman & her sons who killed 3 police officers in Inkster, MI. when the officers attempted to evict them from The Bungalow motel in 1987. One of her sons was a crippled. They are now serving life sentences without parole. Easter now age 85.

8.     September 11 Blues

Folk Blues song about the September 11th tragedy. Contains some tasteful humor about President Bush.

9.     Fitenight

Folk poetry/song about Joe Louis fight nights in rural Louisiana during the 1940’s.

10.  North From Idaho

Folksong about a hopeless love

11.  Going Down To Cane River

A “Creole Song” about dancing to the zydeco on Cane River in Louisiana. Cane River is the origin of my family roots.

12.  Lord, Here I am Again

A Religious Song & Prayer. I wrote this song during a stressful period of my life. During the process of seeking solace, I was reminded of how many times I have wandered off happy-go-lucky only to return and submit myself to the Creator when things got to be a little too rough.


Written & Composed by Herbert Metoyer (BMI)    Produced  by Cane River Media, Southfield, MI

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"This Is The Time"    Cane River Media (2010)

recepient of the 2010 asante award by NOLA.TV (New Orleans)

"This Is The Time" Selections

1. Who Those Flowers For

Dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one to war, especially to my brother's wife, Evelyn Metoyer. Her husband and my brother, Capt. Bryford Metoyer, a helicopter pilot, was killed in Vietnam in 1964

2. First Sign of Snow 

When seasons change and the times get rough, some birds migrate south.  Some lovers do, too.

3. A Soldier's Song

When I went to Vietnam, I told my mother & wife that if I fell to put Magnolia's (Louisiana's State Flower) on my grave.

4. Lord, Come Get Katrina

A humorous song about a tragic event.

5. Bad Wine

A humorous, heavy Blues Folksong about a fight in a Bar on Rampart Street in New Orleans

6. I Know Why The Cajun Woman Cries

Folk Tale about a Cajun woman who loses her husband and Captain of  a shrimp boat to the sea during Hurricane Katrina.

Dedicated to our Shrimp & Oyster fishermen This song was written by my son... Herb

7. Get Me Cat Back

A humorous  Ode to the cane field workers of my childhood.

8.  The Sand Crab

A love song for my wife, Geraldine.

9.  Time for A Revolution

Tough economic times coupled with the greed of companies and their CEO's have complicated all of our lives and reduced the poor folks to a Share-Cropper status.

10. Bayou St John History

History of Bayou St. John during Slavery Times.

11. Bayou Saint John

About a young man trapped by his love for a Voodoo priestess and her activities on Saint John Bayou in New Orleans, LA

12. This Is The TimeTime

Song inspired by Barack Obama's hope for the future

13. W Fred Neil’s Song

(Wishing You were still Here )

Written in memory of a close friend, Fred Neil, who recently passed away.

      14. An Anniversary Song Written for my wife in celebration of our “Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.”

Written & Composed by Herbert Metoyer (BMI)    Produced  by Cane River Media, Southfield, MI

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Send Check or Money Order To:  Cane River Media  /   25785 Catalina Street, Southfield, MI 48075